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T H E   S K I N S

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I’m gonna go on the record and say we have just made our first major discovery. Introducing The Skins. They will be hugely popular, if not after this, then very soon. No one older than 19 and even as young as 13, The Skins are proof that age doesn’t matter, taste does.

They aren’t bashful about paying their respects to the classic sound we all love while finessing a style all their own. Consisting of 3 blood siblings Reef, 13 on drums, Kaya, 17 on bass, and Bayli, 18 on vocals they teamed up with a couple friends (who they met at the famous NYC School Of Rock) Daisy,17, and Russel, 19 who both add to the already blessed gene pool the talent of their dynamic dueling guitars.

It’s just a matter of time before they get snatched up by someone. We encourage it. For inquiries about The Skins contact us at wreckroom@recklessNY.com

- Adrian

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#The Skins #Music #tunes #beats #Surf #wreckroom #adrian grenier #ioc #industry of cool