Agreed.  She’s a true talent and an honest person in her performances.  Loved her speech and how she was like wow, this is awesome. 

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Adele - Grammy Performance (‘Rolling in the Deep’)

A well deserved clean sweep for Adele (winning all 6 of her nominations) at last night’s Gammy Awards. Gave the best performance of the night as well. It goes to show you that when you can ACTUALLY sing, there’s no need for a million dollar stage production with 600 dancers, fireworks and an entire circus behind you (kind of like Madonna’s Halftime fiasco).  Congrats to the 23 year old songstress.   

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"We’re All Fans: Halo" - Beyonce // 51st Annual Grammys Promo

Not really a Beyonce fan. (She’s beautiful and talented but not the ONLY positive role model for young women of color)  Anyhow, we dig the whole “We’re All Fans” campaign the Grammys launched for the 51st annual Grammy awards.  Its a compilation of user generated videos pooled together in to a montage of the artist they are giving props to, like the Beyone one we posted here.  There’s also a Lady Gaga promo too. (rolls eyes)

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